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Business Applications

We implement customized business applications designed to meet the specific needs of each company.

Thanks to an evolved, consolidated and malleable starting base, we can focus entirely on the project and offer solutions with high added value.


Electronic Commerce

We provide the technological infrastructure for scalable, secure and efficient electronic commerce systems.

The innovative system behind our solutions natively supports both the integration with main eCommerce services and the interaction with the information system of the company.


System Integrations

We carry out system integrations aimed at enhancing the management of the company data flow, both internal and external to the company.

Interconnection and interoperability are guaranteed by the most modern technologies, which will allow increasing innovation, efficiency and safety of the processes.


Digital Asset Management

We implement customized multimedia information systems to support the centralized management and distribution of the increasingly important digital assets.

Thanks to an evolved and malleable starting base it will be possible to create, organize, and manage your digital contents, but above all distribute them automatically, increasing the control and timeliness of dissemination.






Hyperspace Application Platform

The Difference

The core of our solutions is the revolutionary and exclusive Hyperspace Application Platform: the foundation for swiftly implementing complex projects open to the outside world

Thanks to the author environment of the platform, we can speedily translate what defined in the design phase into customized tables and views. Then, with a mere Play, we can make them immediately operational in the user environment!

There you have it: with a single step, we could implement the entire technological infrastructure of the project! Such infrastructure is already interfaced with other services - for instance, electronic invoicing, payment systems, couriers, machine tools, etc.- and immediately able to support any system integration, mobile apps, web applications, or eCommerce systems.

All this is attainable, not only because the Hyperspace platform permits modelling and evolving its own data structure, but also because it allows generating a class library that can be used to real-time connection to the application itself.

In short, we have:

  • an author environment to manage the data structure of the Hyperspace Application (ADMIN scope)
  • a class library to develop macros and custom code (DEVELOP scope)
  • a set of integrations to interface with external services (INTEGRATION scope)
  • a channel for data exchange (EXCHANGE scope)
  • a REST API interface to communicate with the supply chain (INTERFACE scope)


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