Hyperspace Application Platform
Hyperspace Application Platform is the revolutionary and exclusive software platform to create quickly and in complete autonomy enterprise-level applications, without writing a line of code
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Create and directly manage your business applications quickly and efficiently, you can revolutionize your business and accelerate innovation and digital transformation

Thanks to the enormous advantages offered by the Hyperspace Application Platform, you will be able to create, distribute, and evolve your applications with timeliness and usability, increasing productivity and results

Hyperspace Application Platform has a friendly author environment that allows you to design and update your applications and offers a modern and advanced web interface that guarantees a simple and intuitive user experience

Hyperspace Application Platform is also an open system able of exchanging data, interacting with databases or web services, and equipped with both an API interface and a .Net class library

Discover the new paradigm of a modern business application where the company itself governs its strategic applications. Thanks to the ability to interface with the surrounding world, the possibility of being self-managed, and the lowering of the required technical level, you will have the ability to adapt and absorb changes in complete autonomy

Discover Hyperspace Application Platform: the next era software solution

Piattaforma Applicativa Hyperspace Application Platform


Hyperspace Application Platform offers a friendly author environment that allows to create and evolve its applications

No technical database and programming skills are required, you just need to create tables and authorized users. The next step is to apply the changes in the test environment or production environment

User Experience

Hyperspace Application Platform offers a modern and advanced web interface that guarantees a simple and intuitive user experience

The user interface provides many features to customize the views, collect data, suggest input values, and manage documents. With a simple click, the user can open Microsoft Office applications or activate specific external functions like Skype or browser

Service Integration

Hyperspace Application Platform has a set of integrations that allows you to interface directly with the main service provider

It will be sufficient to configure the desired services to automate processes and data flow with supported providers such as couriers express or e-commerce platforms

API Interface

Hyperspace Application Platform has a REST API interface to allow its customers o suppliers to interact directly and in real-time with their application

It will be sufficient to authorize the users and tables to enable the API interface and start acquiring and exchanging data with the outside world

Data Exchange

Hyperspace Application Platform is an open system able to exchange data automatically with its information system

With some simple procedures, il will be possible to import and export data from the application or to interface it with Company Service Bus


Hyperspace Application Platform provides a .Net class library that allows you to interface your software with your application

Thanks to the .Net library it will be possible to interface in real-time a web or mobile application or any other type of procedure with the Hyperspace application to create a single extended information system

Hyperspace Application Platform
a Unique Interface to keep everything Under Control

DataLabor.Com and Hyperspace Application Platform are the winning combination to quickly implement customized business solutions to manage, plan, control, and administer all the resources that make up your company, today and in the future. Test us!


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