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In this section, we report some insights into the most interesting topics that link technological innovation and the business world: our goal is to put attention to the positive impact that new technologies can bring to business processes
  • • System Integration & Interoperability
  • • Cloud & Edge Computing
  • • Digital Marketing
  • • Digital Integration
  • • Open Innovation
  • • Situational Awareness
  • • Firstline Workers

Technology & Business

Digital Marketing

The purpose of companies is to create customers: Marketing and Innovation make the difference. Digital Marketing is the key to growth

Open Innovation

Open innovation is a paradigm that states that companies can and must also use external ideas to progress in their technological skills

Digital Integration

The possibility of integrating heterogeneous and distributed systems with each other is essential to gain competitiveness and to communicate automatically with your production and commercial chain

Digital Asset

Today the information is shared, multilingual, and multimedia and its value is increasing: the need to centralize its control, management, and distribution is increasingly felt

The New Technologies (ICT)

Digital transformation and technological innovation begin with the understanding and knowledge of new technologies: a small guide to keep up with the times


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