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DataLabor.Com is an artisan company specialized in software development and management of internet services
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Our focus is on Microsoft development tools and technologies

We specialize in providing Small Businesses solutions with an emphasis in custom development of desktop, web and mobile applications based on SQL Server and the implementation of system integrations


Artisanal Soul

First you think, design, compare, elaborate a model, define a structure and write the code, then you think again, circularly and iteratively: from thinking to writing. The typical approach of the artisan

Designing does not only require scientific skills but also careful consideration for the end-user of the product we are creating. It is for this reason that the creative process must be centred on human beings, on their needs and abilities.

The humanistic approach that puts people at the core of everything is even more valid today, now that the relationship with the media has changed and the user no longer plays a marginal and passive role. Thanks to new technologies indeed, the user can potentially relate directly and interactively with everyday tools, without mediation, reaffirming the right to himself and his senses.

For this vision to materialize, the person who designs must remember that his work is at the service of individuals and humanity and should constantly affirm the guiding values and ethics as inspiring feelings.

Each project is new and unique, especially yours!



What We Do

We operate on the details always bearing in mind the overall view

Software Development
We develop software in a distributed environment with access to the main DBMS. We create system components and services, desktop, client-server and multilevel applications adopting latest generation languages, standards and application architectures. We build management applications, system integrations and integrated solutions that centralize the database, the application needs and internal and external data exchange.

Web and Mobile Development
We develop web applications, portals, B2C or B2B eCommerce, web services, API interfaces or simple websites. We adopt the latest generation languages and architectures and comply with the international standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We develop stand-alone applications for mobile devices or hybrid solutions with access to web pages or web services.

Internet Services
We manage internet services such as e-mail, housing, hosting, virtual server and we are OVH Partners. We implement and administer public, private and hybrid cloud computing solutions, and we support businesses in the complex management of advanced ICT infrastructures and services.

Microsoft Cloud Services
We are Microsoft Partners and Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (Microsoft CSP), that is, we provide Microsoft cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Licences
We are Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement, that is, we can supply consumer licenses on a monthly basis (SPLA) to help you manage your technology infrastructure and related investments with maximum freedom.

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What We Will Do

We will offer innovative solutions that will help you improve the management of your company. How? Simply by listening and talking to you!

Our approach to each project is fully personalized: we will identify and analyse your needs throughout a series of meetings, we will refine the settings after having conferred with you and your experts, and we will deliver our proposals to further develop the initial idea. Ultimately, we will develop a preliminary project that will show us the way forward.

The initial analysis will also allow us to verify the feasibility of specific operations, such as importing data from other archives, the integration with other systems, the impact on consolidated company procedures and general operational improvements.

The common goal is to implement a solution that will improve yours and your employees' performance, that will enhance innovation, efficiency and safety in your company, and that will make us all proud and satisfied for what accomplished.

Thanks to the Hyperspace Application Platform we will quickly translate the preliminary project into a fully functional prototype. This will enable us to verify -operationally and beforehand- the framework of the project itself and the settings of every single procedure, and subsequently to make all the adjustments that might be required.

Following the testing and "go live" stages, the production start-up phase will begin. This will include functional and performance monitoring, as well as any corrective operations. Then, we will enter the ordinary regime or "comfort zone" phase until the next request for new additions.


Debug & Tuning
Debug and Tuning
Go Live
Go Live
Start-up of production
Start-up of production
Comfort Zone



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