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Solutions based on Hyperspace Application Platform to manage e-Commerce, m-Commerce, Marketplace, Dropshipping, and e-Logistics systems integrated with your information system (ERP, WMS, ESB) and with your operating procedures
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Do you, like us, believe that the most important part of an e-commerce system is that which is hidden and not visible to the buyer?

Do you too, like us, believe that the component that makes it possible to manage hundreds of orders daily in complete peace of mind and with complete integration with your company information system is strategic for the success of the line of business?

Thanks to Hyperspace eCommerce Platform, you will have an innovative and revolutionary software platform that will allow you to manage a single product catalog in multiple languages and with multiple price lists, integrate with the main Marketplaces and with the main e-Commerce platforms and with the shipping services of the main Express Couriers, and finally, interfacing with your ERP or WMS.

In short, you will be able to perfectly integrate the data flow to and from the electronic commerce system with your information system, updating in real-time the progress of orders, shipping information such as the tracking number, and, at the end of the day, generate all the necessary reports.

With Hyperspace eCommerce Platform, you can communicate with your systems, even in multiple locations and in multiple ways, automatically update items, prices, and availability on the various sites and, finally, allow authorized external systems to query the base through the API interface.

In short, thanks to the Hyperspace platform, you will have a unique and highly scalable solution that will allow you to better support all your e-commerce needs, today and in the future.

Dicover Hyperspace Application Platform: the next era software solution

Piattaforma Applicativa Hyperspace Application Platform


Hyperspace Application Platform, in addition to natively supporting API integration with the main e-Commerce, Marketplace, and shipping platforms (single or multiple delivery), also supports integration with payment services, electronic invoicing, and the Microsoft 365 environment. Thanks to the Hyperspace Application Platform, it is possible to manage not only e-Commerce orders (B2C and B2B) but also all ancillary services such as payments, invoices, receipts, and the automatic generation of documents and e-mails. Finally, thanks to the support of file transfer functions (FTP, SFTP, OneDrive, ...), it can easily exchange data in CSV, Excel, XML, or JSON format with other external systems, to continuously feed the data flow.



Express Courier

Payment System


Electronic Invoicing
Electronic Receipt

Microsoft Grap API



Hyperspace Application Platform is equipped with services to support dynamic data interchange (Stargate) and digital asset distribution (Pulsar).
With the Stargate service it is possible to connect the Hyperspace platform to your information system, but potentially with any other system. Thanks to the creation of a safe channel (Hyperspace Pipeline) for the bidirectional exchange of data, system integration can be achieved easily and immediately.
With the Pulsar service it is possible to update and keep up-to-date your digital resources on the web. Thanks to a continuous flow (Hyperspace Wave), it will be possible to automatically update the product sheets, the price lists, and, above all, the stocks.


Stargate is a service designed to autonomously exchange data between the Hyperspace application and the company information system, such as ERP, WMS, or Company ServiceBus, and start importing and exporting data and synchronizing processes.

Pulsar is a service designed to manage the publication of digital assets by automatically and directly connecting e-commerce, websites, or online repositories.




Integrazione di Commercio Elettronico




Turnkey Project

Integration with electronic commerce systems represents the maximum expression of digital integration, potentially interfacing with all company components and with many external interlocutors. For this reason, it is essential to have the best technologies and rely on expert systems integrators.
DataLabor.Com and Hyperspace Application Platform are the winning combinations to quickly implement customized solutions to successfully manage this important line of business. We will take care of all the steps: from analysis to design, from development to implementation, all in a personalized way. Our team of experts is ready to take your project in hand and turn it into reality!


"Case Study" Promotion

Thanks to the "Case Study" promotion, you can take advantage of a 10% discount on all the design and development activities of your project. Take advantage of this unmissable offer!


Monitoring and Assistance

The realization of the project is only the first phase of our activity, after the testing, it is necessary to guarantee the operational continuity and functional scalability that this type of solution requires. The integration with multiple interlocutors, different technologies, and services makes it necessary to proactively monitor the solution and prompt intervention when necessary. Your success will be ours too!

Hyperspace Application Platform
a Unique Interface to keep everything Under Control

DataLabor.Com and Hyperspace Application Platform are the winning combination to quickly implement customized solutions to manage integration with the electronic commerce system, today and in the future. Test us!




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