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Electronic Commerce Systems based on Hyperspace Application Platform to manage eCommerce, mCommerce, marketplace, vendor, or dropshipping solutions integrated with your ERP / WMS and with your operating procedures
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Do you too, like us, believe that the most important part of an eCommerce system is the hidden one and not the one visible to the customer?

Do you too, like us, believe that the component that makes it possible to manage hundreds of orders daily in complete peace of mind and with complete integration into your company information system is strategic for the success of the business line?

Thanks to the Hyperspace Application Platform, you will have an innovative and revolutionary software platform that will allow you to manage a single product catalog in multiple languages and with multiple price lists, integration with the main eCommerce platforms, the main online payment system and shipping, and finally, interfacing with your ERP o WMS

So, you will be able to perfectly integrate the data flow to and from to eCommerce system with your information system, updating in real-time the status of order progress, shipping information like the tracking number, and, at the end of the day, generate all the necessary reports

Finally, thanks to the API interface, any authorized external system will be able to query your database to acquire and edit, in real-time, all the necessary information, based on its needs and timing

Dicover Hyperspace Application Platform: the next era software solution

Piattaforma Applicativa Hyperspace Application Platform

Hyperspace for e-Commerce

Ecommerce represents the maximum expression of digital integration, it potentially interfaces with all the components of the company and with many external interlocutors

For this type of problem Hyperspace Application Platform is the ideal solution: it natively supports the integration with the main eCommerce platforms, the main online payment and shipping systems, the electronic invoicing, and potentially any ERP.

Thanks to the library (DLL) it is also possible to develop, directly and independently, any software component, from simple data transfer procedures to more complex applications for mobile devices or extranet web applications, all connected in real-time with Hyperspace Application platform.

Ecommerce Integrations

Hyperspace Application Platform
a Unique Interface to keep everything Under Control

DataLabor.Com and Hyperspace Application Platform are the winning combination to quickly implement customized business solutions to manage, plan, control, and administer all the resources that make up your company, today and in the future. Test us!



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