System Integration
System Integration based on Hyperspace Application Platform, the ideal solution to easily and quickly implement integrations between heterogeneous and distributed systems
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  • • Manufacturing Execution System
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  • • InterCompany
  • • Enterprise Service Bus
  • • Integration Platform

The need to collect and distribute data automatically and in real-time can no longer be extended: interconnections are increasingly pressing!

Never, as in this moment, have companies needed to have modern digital technologies to ensure the right amount of flexibility to face increasingly complex and competitive markets

The Digital transformation passes through the Cloud and new operational tools capable of guaranteeing the fluidity of processes, the scalability of production, and prompt response to new opportunities

System integrations are certainly one of the most important keys to gaining competitiveness, allowing companies to communicate more quickly and automatically with their production and commercial chain

From the simple dynamic interchange of data to e-commerce and logistic, from the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to the Internet of Things (IoT). All these needs are imposed today on the attention of managers and represent the unique opportunity to increase innovation, efficiency, and process safety

In this scenario fits with all its revolutionary power Hyperspace Application Platform, a software platform that allows you to design and evolve your data structure, to integrate quickly and easily with web services or data sources, and to develop the own software solutions

Discover Hyperspace Application Platform: the next era software solution

Piattaforma Applicativa Hyperspace Application Platform Piattaforma Applicativa Hyperspace Application Platform

Ecommerce Integrations

Ecommerce represents the maximum expression of digital integration, it potentially interfaces with all the components of the company and with many external interlocutors

For this type of problem Hyperspace Application Platform is the ideal solution: it natively supports the integration with the main eCommerce platforms, the main online payment and shipping systems, the electronic invoicing, and potentially any ERP.

Thanks to the library (DLL) it is also possible to develop, directly and independently, any software component, from simple data transfer procedures to more complex applications for mobile devices or extranet web applications, all connected in real-time with Hyperspace Application platform.

Ecommerce Integrations Ecommerce Integrations

Business Digital Interface

Digital transformation represents a cultural change that requires companies to explore new channels of communication, to seek efficiency in processes, and gain in competitiveness

Interfacing directly with your customers or suppliers, supporting the sales network with advanced ICT tools, or integrating your software solutions with value-added services or apps (e.g., Google Maps, Microsoft Teams,…) will greatly contribute to increasing efficiency and competitiveness.

Hyperspace Application Platform can fit in this context: it can allow sharing in a single work environment, in a safe, targeted, and differentiated manner, with a modern user experience, a digital interface of the company towards its interlocutors.

Business Digital Interface Business Digital Interface

Intercompany Integration

For affiliated, subsidiary, or associated companies or big companies with multiple offices, it is increasingly strategic to be able to communicate online and in real-time, to align the various IT systems

Thanks to the Hyperspace Application Platform all this will be simpler: a powerful and complete tool that allows you to shorten the distance between the parent company and the subsidiaries, or to quickly interconnect the group of companies on the networks.

Intercompany Intercompany

Manufacturing Execution System

In today's competitive and dynamic global markets, it is extremely important to have a “talking” production process that is constantly under control

The MES (Manufacturing Executive System) is the system that collects and supplies the production process data in real-time, from the release of the production order to the final control, for constant monitoring of time and production costs.

Hyperspace Application Platform is the ideal solution for interfacing with the production system: from numerical control machinery to digital sensors, from access control to presence detection, from terminals to RFID detectors. The library (DLL) will also allow you to develop directly and autonomously all the necessary software components, from simple data transfer procedures to more complex applications for production terminals, all connected in real-time with the Hyperspace Application Platform.

Manufacturing Execution System Manufacturing Execution System

Hyperspace Application Platform
a Unique Interface to keep everything Under Control

DataLabor.Com and Hyperspace Application Platform are the right combination to implement scalable, flexible, and interconnected system integrations. Test us!



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