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eShip – UPS Technology Integration

eShip is a system integration that allows you to interface your information system to the UPS shipping services by a Host to Host communication

The shipping management solution can be integrated into the supply chain and allows you to print labels according to the UPS standards, optimize individual shipments and, at the end of the day, communicate data to the UPS system. All this in a completely automatic way and without the need for any intervention by the operator.

The main eShip functions are:

  • The possibility to insert the label printing process at any point in the workflow and the possibility to determine the event that triggers the printing. The acquisition of the shipment can be made via file or web service
  • The possibility to put together automatically packages for the same recipient in a single shipment, even if processed at different time
  • The ability to parameterize all values

eShip is a customizable solution that consists of a web application for the management and monitoring of shipments, any web services interfacing with a company information system or external partners, and a client component for printing labels.

The web application for the management allows you to monitor the progress of shipments in real-time and, at the end of the day, to consolidate the shipments by printing the manifest and sending the PLD 200 to the UPS servers.

An example of digital transformation at the service of the distribution chain.

eShip Project
UPS Technology Integration

The first eShip integration dates to 2009, the year in which, on behalf of the UPS agency in Parma, we implemented the project for an important sportswear brand. Since then, for that customer, the solution has continued to handle an average of 300 shipments per day.

In 2015, for an important car manufacturer, we implanted one of the most complicated system integration ever, inserting the eShip solution in an armored and complex information system.

Over time, the eShip solution has evolved to keep up with new technologies, from the first version that exchanged data by file, we moved on to the most recent implementation capable of adopting web services and interfacing with the company information system or to the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Also, from a service point of view, the eShip solution has continued to evolve by integrating new UPS shipping services such as Worldwide Express Freight and Cargo.

interoperability is a must


Maurizio Uslenghi (Director Enterprise Account Sales, UPS Italia) and Maurizio Brianti (UPS Parma Agency) visiting a customer.

Andrea Barbieri on the day of testing


« DataLabor has been our strategic partner since 2009 for all host to host solutions that aim at integrating the needs of UPS, the UPS customer, and the recipient of the goods in a single solution

DataLabor, a perfect balance between competence, professionalism, and after-sales guarantee, guarantees dynamic solutions with definitely competitive times and costs »

Maurizio Brianti, Manager of UPS Agency in Parma


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