Digital Asset Management
Design and development of customized multimedia information systems to support the centralized management and distribution of the increasingly important digital resources
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In we design and develop multimedia information systems to create, organize, and manage your digital contents, but mostly to distribute them automatically on different channels such as websites and applications

Thanks to your information system you will have a single data source for all your digital resources which will ensure control and timeliness of publication, increasing the effectiveness of communication and maximizing efficiency

What is a Digital Asset

The Digital Resources (Digital assets) are information and files which, due to their higher value than other data or files, are managed and stored in order to be controlled, reused, and shared.

Digital resources can be of any format or type: text, images, video, audio, 3D or VR environments, various documents (e.g. spreadsheets, presentations, projects, PDFs ...), or structured or unstructured data stored in a database.

The semantic value of a digital asset can be greatly enhanced by enriching it with further classification elements such as metadata. The more metadata assigned to the resource, the easier it will be to classify and filter it and the more value (both semantic and economic) it will assume.

Solutions for Digital Asset

A digital asset management solution is a multimedia information system designed and implemented to respond to a specific purpose

The best known and most popular solutions for digital asset management are:

  • Product Information Management - PIM
  • Web Content Management System - WCM or WCMS
  • Digital Asset Management - DAM
  • Digital e-Commerce Platform

All these solutions are nothing more than a multimedia or hypermedia information system, which is an organized archive of data and information of a heterogeneous nature concerning a specific theme or topic, which is interrogated by authorized satellite systems or which actively distributes information based on rules and logic well defined.

The archive of a museum aimed at the use by visitors, or the information and technical material of a product catalog aimed at marketing, training, and after-sales assistance are two typical examples of multimedia information systems or management solutions of digital assets.

The Control of Digital Asset

In increasingly complex and articulated contexts such as the current ones, where information is shared, multilingual, and multimedia, the need to centralize control and management is increasing

Especially for companies with an important presence on the network or with significant information assets, the multimedia information system is the ideal tool to collect your database in a single collector and to make it usable through a single interface to the editorial staff, translators, to agencies and users.

A centralized solution that is easy to access and complete with all the search functions will allow users to create, edit, upload, download, share, correct, print, filter, authorize and finally release, with the right control, their own digital resources.

The Distribution of Digital Asset

A single information system that can be queried in real-time from sites and applications but also equipped with a set of procedures to automatically distribute content or generate documents

Thanks to a standard API interface, any authorized external system will be able to query the database and acquire all the necessary information according to its needs and timing.

The Advantages

The benefits of a digital asset management solution

  • Centralization of resources in a single archive
  • Content optimization by type of media
  • Customization of content by target
  • Differentiated access by type of user
  • Compliance, control and release of content
  • Control and release of contents
  • Streamlining and streamlining of procedures
  • Automatic content generation
  • Integration with other information systems
  • Automatic distribution of content

Piattaforma Applicativa Hyperspace Application Platform

Hyperspace and the Digital Asset

Thanks to the revolutionary and exclusive Hyperspace Application Platform we are able to quickly implement customized solutions for the management of digital assets, significantly reducing both project time and costs.

The basic functions of the Hyperspace platform allow to support all the required functions natively, in particular:

  • Differentiated access: for single user, workgroup, security level (Security Clearance Levels) and external users
  • Full-Text Search
  • File Management (Media Manager)
  • Dynamic data association (Dynamic Chunking and Relationships Network)
  • Model-based data merging (Data Merge)
  • Word Interface for direct access to documents in the Media Manager via Microsoft Word
  • Data import and export
  • Integration with standard e-commerce platforms or web content management
  • REST API query interface
  • Class library to independently develop your own procedures
  • Author environment to model and evolve your data structure

The technological platform Hyperspace will therefore make it possible to control access, carry out searches, establish relationships, generate documents, import and export data, support services, and integrate with other information systems.

Instead, thanks to the class library it will be possible to develop all the procedures necessary to manage the automatic distribution of one's digital resources to other connected information systems or to dynamically generate test documents on models.

Finally, thanks to the native integrations of the Hyperspace platform, it will be possible to directly interface your information system with the most common e-commerce, social network, or digital marketing platforms.

The Added Value of Hyperspace

The added value of a solution based on Hyperspace Application Platform

  • Author environment for the data structure
  • Class library
  • REST API interface
  • Integration with standard platforms
  • Integration with ERP
  • Cross browser web interface
  • Management of both internal and external users
  • Word Interface
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SQL Full Text Indexing
  • Cloud or on-premises

Hyperspace Application Platform
a Unique Interface to keep everything Under Control

DataLabor.Com and Hyperspace Application are the key to quickly implementing customized solutions for managing, organizing and distributing user and channel centric digital assets. Test us!


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