Case Study: Forma Italiana

Forma Italiana SpA

An example of digital transformation of e-commerce and e-tailers service

Founded in 1972, Forma Italiana is a company which works in the business of wholesale and retail distribution, selling the main brands of perfumes, cosmetics and personal and home care. Since the 2000's, the company has focused their activity on international trading, alongside high-level services in the field of logistics, administrative and functional assistance.

Over time Forma Italiana has equipped itself with all necessary tools to support better their activity, from the ERP for the management of the commercial activity, to WMS for the management of the warehouse. In past years, then, seeing the requests for dynamic data interchange strengthen, especially form enterprise customers, Forma Italiana understood that integration and interoperability would improve and economize processes and would open new business opportunities.

Hence the need to equip itself with digital interfaces for automate the exchange of data and open their information system to the world.

Forma Italiana Project

For Forma Italiana Project we have realized a system integration based on Hyperspace Application Platform with the goal of automating the data flow with the external interlocuters and with the company information system, meanwhile innovating some warehouse activities

In 2018 took up the challenge of Forma Italiana to automate the management of e-commerce orders from important platforms of e-commerce and with considerable trading volume.

The project included, in addition to the acquisition, elaboration and transfer of orders themselves to their ERP, also the request for shipping labels to couriers and mostly the support to the warehouse activities during the packaging operations.

For us it was the perfect opportunity to test the Hyperspace Application Platform under multiple points of view. The problems that arose were infact such to involve the core internet functions of Hyperspace platform: the integrations sector (IO), the development sector (DEV) and the digital interface sector (API).

By exploiting the advanced features of the Hyperspace Application Platform, we were able to quickly implement all the services that were required and all the accompanying applications, coordinating the data flow between the external world and their internal information system.

The project required the development of the following implementations:

  • Development of integrations with the portals of e-commerce of dropship customers (acquisition and closing of orders)
  • Development of integrations with express couriers (request and acquisition of the shipping label and closing daily shipment)
  • Development of the procedures for interfacing for ERP
  • Development of a web application to support the warehouse activities (label printing, order modification and inventory)
  • Development of a mobile application for the Zebra TC 25 barcode reader aimed at supporting the point of sale (inventory, receipt of goods and product sheet)
  • Development of API interface for order management of the Forma Italiana e-commerce site (inventory management, order acquisition and order status)

interoperability is a must


« In Datalabor we have found the right partner to support our digital transformation and in the Hyperspace platform the ideal tool to pursue it. A truly winning combination that is proving to be increasingly important and strategic »

Silvio Anceschi, IT Manager of Forma Italiana SpA


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