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A building Automation solution to manage the largest Gas Driven plant in Europe

Sanyo is one of the most important leading manufacturers of electronics and air conditioning systems in the world. In 2008 it was incorporated into Panasonic thus creating the largest world center in the hi-tech sector.

Sanyo has always been committed to developing environmentally sustainable technologies and, with its continuous research, has created industry-leading products that have paved the way in terms of efficiency and environmental sustainability.

In 1960 it introduced heat pump air conditioners and since then Sanyo continues its way with environmental technological innovations such as the VRF ECOi Eletric system which has greatly improved energy efficiency with CO2 ECO heat pumps capable of reducing the CO2 emissions up to 30%.

Regione Lazio Project

We have implemented a Building Automation solution to manage and monitor the largest Gas Driven VRF air conditioning system in Europe and fully exploiting the cogeneration part of the electricity and hot water

In 2007, together with Andrea Antognarelli from Studio Antognarelli in Parma, we created the air conditioning system management system for the Lazio Region headquarters in Rome for Sanyo Airconditioners Europe.

Thanks to the Lonworks system and the Echelon iLON 100 devices, at the time very popular in Asia and America, but practically unknown in Europe, we were able to interface the HTML and JavaScript application with all the fan coils in the building.

The project immediately posed complex problems, both due to the lack of documentation and the size of the system, consisting of a battery of 24 iLON 100s and 1,500 rooms to be controlled.

In 2009 we implemented a new web application aimed at monitoring the energy consumption of the air conditioning system. In this case, the solution collected data on electricity and gas consumption every 60 seconds and grouped them by physical and logical units, allowing the division of costs between the various departments based on actual consumption.

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« Working with Datalabor was a real pleasure, they never gave up in the face of difficulties and together we contributed to the success of the project.

I met a new partner with whom to implement future projects based on LonWorks systems »

Andrea Antognarelli - Freelance Industrial Expert


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