Edge Computing, IOT, VR & AI
Design and development of innovative solutions supported by the most modern technologies in close collaboration with trusted technological partners
  • • Edge Computing
  • • Big Data Analysis
  • • Internet of Things
  • • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  • • Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning
  • • Smart Building
  • • Automation
  • • Industry 4.0

In DataLabor.Com, we have skills and experience in all traditional technology stacks and the curiosity and interest to learn new technologies, but we are also aware that we cannot master all the technologies of the ICT universe with the same security, especially the most recent and specialist ones.

For this reason, we forge collaborations with technological partners specialized in sectors that integrate perfectly with those of our competence to support our customers at 360 degrees in their path of innovation and digital transformation with all new technologies.

By doing so, we can implement projects that combine applications based on Hyperspace Application Platform with big data analysis systems, detection systems, and augmented reality, integrations with IoT devices or artificial intelligence.

Innovatek SP

Innovatek SP operates in the field of big data analysis and cloud computing and adopts the most modern and up-to-date technologies available on the market.

Innovatek SP has implemented a proprietary platform that can devote itself to calculation and simulation and can be integrated with performance control systems of IoT plants, from the basic actuator and pump monitoring system to high-complexity and time-varying systems.

Innovatek SP mainly deals with:

  • Simulation and virtualized systems
  • Weather forecast
  • Naval
  • Automotive
  • Detection systems
  • Smart Building
  • Mechanics and HSM
  • Precision agriculture
  • AI Warehouse
  • Arduino-based hardware components
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