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Web Summit

Web Summit


Web Summit 2017
Lisbon 6-9 November 2017

We are going back to the Lisbon Summit with the Hyperspace Management Platform that is now mature and ready for the market.

Over the last year we have implemented several important projects, in all theese cases the Platform is showing itself to be up to expectations and the colluades have allowed us to test it and optimize it further more.

So the adventure continues, from this year we will be joined by the Irish partner Hyper Innovation Limited.

Summit's 2017 edition did not betray our expectations: many positive and great successes for the platform. Now Hyper Innovation has the duty to go on.

Andrea and Luigi in the usual photo

Luigi starting to an interview on Euspert

Luigi shows some visitors a demo on the smartphone


Web Summit 2016
Lisbon 7-10 November 2016

The interest in the Hyperspace Management Platform is confirmed, back to the Summit this year in the BETA class. We will bring interesting improvements to the important Lisbon event.

This year's participation in the Summit has proved to be extremely interesting, and the platform continues to demonstrate a revolutionary solution worthy of the best attentions, confirming the good work it has been done.

Andrea on the opening day

Luigi at stand

Some guests at the stand


Web Summit 2015
Dublin 3-5 November 2015

DataLabor.Com has been selected for the ALPHA class to present the revolutionary Hyperspace Management Platform software.

Participating in the Dublin Summit proved to be an extraordinary experience, the platform has been very successful and has allowed us to come into contact with many companies around the world.

The interview to Luigi on WEBNEWS

Andrea and Luigi at the opening day

Cecilia and Luigi at stand

Andrea and Luigi at stand