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Technical Board

DataLabor.Com is an artisan enterprise based on guidelines values and ethic in order to focus its job on men and humanity


Andrea Barbieri

Responsible for Research & Development
Trained at the inter-province Computer Laboratory of Parma - LIPI (research center of the provinces of Parma and Piacenza, University of Parma and the Emilia-Romagna) has carried out applied research in multimedia and telematics fields. A brief but intense experience in the banking field contribute to refine the methodology and the organization.
Accurate, demanding and creative, he is able to maintain the overview of the project and, when needed, to direct the job in the right way.
Founder and Coordinator, born in 1965.


Luigi Prisciandaro

Software and database development area supervisor
Platform .Net and SQL Server environment specialist, he has gained skills in many fields: from the multimedia to banking applications, from network security to application tuning and optimization, and DBMS.
Born in Trento and graduated there, after a long experience in italian and international research centers was recruited by Datalabor.
He is a c# and T-SQL high level programmer and he has a solid scientific background, which makes the difference in the upcoming and challenging situations we are facing.
Telecommunications Engineer, born in 1979.