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Home Automation Case Study

We implemented a solution able to interact with a real environment with Echelon SmartServer devices, managing and monitoring the biggest europe Gas Driven VRF air conditioning system.

The first solution was made in 2007, together with Andrea Antognarelli of Studio Lenz of Parma. We implemented the web site for the management of the system.

We overcame extremely difficult problems due to the dimension of the system made of 20 smart server (a.k.a. iLON 100) and 1500 room to monitor.

In 2009 we developed the solution for monitorin and managing the energetic consumption.

The palace of the Lazio region that houses the Sanyo system.

A monitoring page of the conditioning system, located at room 099 of 7th floor (2007 solution)

A page of the consumption monitoring system (2009 solution)

The web site for managing and monitoring of the system is developed in HTML, CSS and jScript.

The application for the consumption monitoring is developed in Microsoft platform, Windows Server, SQL Server, .NET Framework and Visual Studio.

Team: Andrea Barbieri, Luigi Prisciandaro, Cristian Merighi.

Partners: Andrea Antognarelli.