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Multimedia Information System

DataLabor.Com study and develop Multimedia Information System customized aimed to organize and redistribute centralized data

Actually contexts are more and more complex and detailed, information is shared, there are more languages and media. There is a very strong need of centralizing the organization and the distribution of data.

Multimedia Information System is the ideal tool able to gather in a single place all the data base, making it accessible through an interface to backoffice, translators or simply making data accessible to authorized systems.

This way, releasing data to a web site, mobile app, custom application and mailmerge will be easy and accessible in a single place: secure and efficient.

Context of use
All business with a strong interaction to the net have the need to organize and distrubute informations.
A single informative system enabled by web services swill be able to provide data to the administration interface, to business web sites or e-commerce, acquisition of supplier orders, or app for mobile devices, electronic documents, mail marketing system or any other authorized service.

Content administration platform
On the user side the system will offer a web application aimed to organize all contents. it will enable structured data, multimedia content or documents.
All funcions enabled by the platform will be usable, like advanced research, establish relationships, mail merge from document templates, support services and interact with other information services.

Web Services system
A system of web services will support all requests from satellite services, granting in real time to publish updated data, specific for content of use.

Elementary information unit (chunk)
All the base of information will be constitued in an archive organized by Elementary information unit (chunk). each chunk will be a structured object with a specific semantic value, differenced in each level of deepening. Such an organization of data will enable to distribute in an easy way all contents dividing them on kind of use, target and media.

The preferred environment for the data management is Microsoft SQL Server, the ideal interface for Data Mining solution, Business Intelligence and Data visualization.

In the web environment the user interface is supported by browsers of last generation, with all the tools and techs standard like HTML 5, CSS 3 e jQuery.In the desktop environment, the preferred technology is Presentation Foundation (WPF).

DataLabor.Com will support the user in the initial learning phase and later in the starting phase of the application. in later stages Datalabor will support with a tecnic assistence service. Due to all this efforts Datalabor will underline the partnership and will be able to pick up all possible upgrade and further development of the application.