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Hyperspace ERP

The next era Enterprise Resource Planning

Hyperspace ERP is the innovative business management application for small and medium size companies looking for a modern, open and customizable software

Hyperspace ERP is not only an ERP, but your customized management! Thanks to a friendly author environment, you can configure and adapt it quickly to your needs

Hyperspace ERP is based on an innovative and exclusive technology called HyperSpace Management Platform.

The main features of Hyperspace ERP are:

Self Management
Hyperspace ERP is not only an ERP, but your customized management! Thanks to a friendly author environment, you can configure and adapt it quickly to your needs: you can easily add to the Customers table a new field and you can quickly create new views able to adapt to various contexts of use or workgroups.

Test Environment
Hyperspace ERP has a test environment that is isolated from the data environment, and enables to check all updates to tables structures and data access, before allowing them to pass to the production environment.

User Group Manager
Hyperspace ERP allows you to manage users working groups so that you can manage permissions and authorization at the group level (e.g. administration, marketing, management, production, ...)

External Users
Access to Hyperspace ERP could also be enabled to external users: a partner that is inserted in registry could be granted access to the platform in order to consult only his own data.

Client Integration
Hyperspace ERP integrates seamlessly with client applications with a simple click, the user can open office applications like word processing or spreadsheet or email.

Media Manager
HyperSpace ERP manages external file of every kind (Word, Excel, Mail, PDF, audio, video…) and evolved functionalities will manage them, allowing searches of words either inside all the database, either inside all documents.

Data Manager
Hyperspace ERP allows users to manage and customize printing templates that can be used in the automatic creation of documents. Documents will be generated with all the information of the selected field, and all the connected information gathered from the database in an automatic way. An application in Word will easily help users in implementing templates creating label, if-clause and scopes.

Hyperspace ERP is developed in order to grant the highest standards of security either for data either for documents. Information will be passed to users only if authorized by the administrator in the management area. Documents and data will not be reachable by any other meaning than the application and only after a correct login.

Interface Services
Hyperspace ERP has interface services that allow you to interconnect the Hyperspace application with external systems, to interchange data dynamically. For example, the Interface Services can interact with third-party web services, such as eCommerce systems, payment systems, machine tools or home automation systems.

System Requirements
Hyperspace ERP is a web application that can be used both in intranet and extranet environment, with traditional devices or mobile type.
Requirements: Windows Server, MS SQL Server, Browser

Hyperspace ERP can be installed On-Premise or provided as a service in Cloud.