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Forma Italiana

Case Study of System Integration based on Hyperspace

We have implemented a system integration based on Hyperspace Management Platform that interface eCommerce sites, shipping services, warehouse operations and corporate ERP.

Forma Italiana is a company that since 1972 has been marketing the main perfumery, cosmetics, make-up and personal cleaning brands. Thanks to its advanced information system it is able to communicate directly with its partners, interchanging data dynamically.

Leveraging the advanced features of Hyperspace Management Platform we have implemented an interface between the company ERP and the IT systems of multiple partners, coordinating the dataflow and supporting specific input/output activities.

Thanks to the features of Data Integration and to the Interface Library of Hyperspace Management Platform, we quickly succeeded in integrating the various web services and developing the various application tools.

Some of these applications, built on Xamarin platform, support the activity of inventory and receipt of goods through the smart Zebra TC 25 barcode reader.

The solutions have been developed on the Hyperspace Management Platform, the .NET Framework and Visual Studio platforms. Client side the technologies used are HTML, CSS, .NET Framework and Xamarin.

Work team: Andrea Barbieri, Luigi Prisciandaro.