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UPS Technology Integration

eShip is a system integration that allows to interface the informative system with UPS services through a Host to Host communication

The solution allows to print labels according to the standard UPS fully, automatically and without the need of any work by the operator.

The main features of eShip are:

  • The ability to place the label printing process at any point in the workflow and the ability to determine the event which triggers the release
  • The ability to automatically group the packages for the same recipient in a single shipment, even if processed at different times
  • The ability to parameterize all values

eShip is a customizable solution that consists of a web application management and a client component for label printing.

The web application management allows you to monitor in real time the progress of shipments and, at the end of the day, to consolidate shipments, printing the manifest and performing the sending of the PLD 200 to the UPS server.