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Integration system Case Study

eShip is a solution that allows the interaction directly between the informative system and the shipping service UPS

The first integration of eShip was made in 2009, when for the UPS agency of Parma we implemented the project for a famous brand of sportweare. Since then the solution is still up and running without interruptions with an average of 300 shipping a day.

From that first version that used the filesystem to interact, we developed it even further and now it can interact with modern webservices to the system of the customer.

DataLabor.Com can update and upgrade the solution, developing a custom version of eShip, suitable to the customer needs and compatible with its flow of data. During all the life time of the project, datalabor will give support and assistance.

A screen shot of the web application, with the management of shipping.

Maurizio Uslenghi (Director Enterprise Account Sales, UPS Italy) and Maurizio Brianti (UPS Parma Agency) in a customer showroom.

Andrea Barbieri the day of the startup of the last integration.

eShip is developed server side on Microsoft Platform, Windows Server, SQL Server, .NET Framework and Visual Studio.

Client side is developed in HTML, CSS and jQuery, for the web site, in c# for label printing.

Team: Andrea Barbieri, Luigi Prisciandaro, Cristian Merighi.

Partners: UPS Italy, UPS Parma Agency.