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Digital Marketing

The aim of companies is to create customers: Marketing and Innovation make the difference. Digital marketing is the key to growth

Peter Drucker wrote: «since the goal is to identify and retain customers, the company has two - and only two - fundamental functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest represents a "cost"».

If it is true that communication represents the primary way to establish a direct contact with the market and plays a fundamental role in the process of creating value, it is equally true that modern information technologies represent the privileged tool to obtain it.

That is why digital marketing is born, communication based on new information technologies, on new forms of communication, more engaging, personalized and interactive.

Digital marketing is therefore communication between people, technology is nothing but the link that makes it possible: from campaigns on social media to email marketing, from websites to e-commerce, from search engines to online advertising, from information totems to mobile apps, from big data to business intelligence. Today, in the digital age, information technologies play a fundamental role in presenting, analyzing and promoting.

The information technologies at the service of digital marketing make it possible to create stable and effective relationships between the market and the company, not only to reach and convince consumers, but also to listen, learn and guide. All this thanks to the joint use of all the available tools.

Finally, an important element, the new technologies at the service of marketing are not seen by the user as an intrusion into privacy but as a service from which to take advantage. The examples are many: informative newsletters, in-depth videos, app for product traceability or consultation of the article sheet, configurators, influencers, video games, e.g. All are common and everyday tools.

It should also be specified that digital marketing goes beyond the concept of the Internet, it concerns a deeper concept, that is, the set of habits, behaviors and expectations of a modern customer who lives and interfaces with this new dimension.

In order for digital marketing to be successful, it is necessary to integrate the multiple activities with a view to multi-channel communication, without abandoning traditional media such as print media and TV.