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Design Thinking

DataLabor.Com is an enterprise that focus its job on men as user with his own needs, passions and abilities

The planning does not require only scientific skills but a particular attention to the ones that will have to use the realized objects. This is the reason why the creative project is based on the person, his needs and abilities.

Nowadays, the humanistic approach focused on men is becoming increasingly relevant because the relationship with the media has changed and the user does not play a minor role anymore. Thanks to new technologies he is able to interact directly and interactively, without mediations, asserting again his rights.

In order to realize this vision, the person who plans and designs has to remember that his own job is at the service of men and humanity and he has to continuously maintain the guidelines values and the ethic as inspiring feelings.

Based on the needs and the enviroment of use, every project is new and different from the previous ones