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Cloud Computing

DataLabor.Com implements and administrate cloud solutions, in order to defer the expensive and complex mainteinance of ICT services. they need infrastructures, know how and a constant check and administration by qualified personnel

The new opportunity of approaching the cloud world with custom solutions will permit to focus the attention on more useful subjecs, rather than in economic and time absorbing technological aspects.

Cloud grant the ability to access to data either from insideo or ouside the facility of the business, to share data with partners, to secure data in a continue and protected way, to adopt more efficient and flexible solutions more and more ubiquitous.

New information tools will enable to develop solution completeli customized for every ICT need or smart working.


Microsoft CSP Partner

OVH Partner

The preferred environment for the cloud system administration are VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack.

DataLabor.Com will monitor and administrate the system and will give specific cloud services in order to overcome every need.