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Artisan Soul

Before you think, make a project, compare, elaborate a model, define a structure, write the code, and then think again, in a circular and iterative way: from thinking to write. Typical artisan way of doing

Modern scientific laboratory, a medieval workshop and Renaissance artist's atelier have in common the same goal and work with the same way: the ultimate goal is not the production itself, but the creation of something unique. The core is the desire of doing something well, as itself, a balance between needs and resources.

Creativity is a tool of fantasy and invention, a way of making projects free as fantasy but precise like invention, but at the same time able to comprehend all the aspects of a problem, from image to function.

“A community that works and grows together, sharing projects and goals". The cooperation, video of Giuseppe Benelli (Professor of Language Philosophy c/o University of Genoa) on the following topics: the Work, Creativity, Design, Community, Consciousness, the Agreement, the Goal.