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Integration System Case Study

We implemented an information system that communicates with institutional websites, a mail server and the National Horse Database (BDE).

Since 2012 we supported the Italian National Association of Arabian Horse (ANICA). During these years we have implemented and evolved the management system, the website and all the procedures for the automatic data management.

For Anica we have developed a customized management software to support the management of companies, horses, shows and accounting, integrated with components for sending personalized messages or newsletters and for the automatic production of documents (eg Stud Book).

The management software also interfaces with the website, the reserved area and with the ministerial information systems.

The information system is complex, articulated and constantly evolving: the last major challenge is the electronic invoicing.

We can certainly say that ANICA is the one with the most complex needs among our customers. It's a small office, but with problems similar to those of a ministry.

The implemented solutions have been developed server side on Windows Server, SQL Server, .NET Framework and Visual Studio.

Client side is developed in HTML, CSS and jQuery.

Work team: Andrea Barbieri, Luigi Prisciandaro, Davide Menoni, Andrea Bruni.